Mrs. K. G.Mangalika Kumari

Business: Garage and Spare Parts Shop

K.G. Mangalika Kumari and his husband J.A. Wijesiri Perera have obtained their first loan of Rs. 40,000 from Lak Jaya in 2012 for their running business of diesel three wheeler repairs center. It was their first borrowing experience with any financial institute. At that time it was a very small garage and service supply by owner himself and his wife helped her when needed. With their repayment discipline, they have built up the trust of the company and have taken higher loan amount gradually according to their repayment capacity. At present she has borrowed Rs. 300,000 loan which was the highest loan amount disbursed from the branch. Now they are running the business in a large scale providing permanent job opportunity for 7 persons, they have a spare part shop also. Their daily income has increased to Rs. 25,00 and just Rs. 5,000 and the have a permanent shed with the capacity of 20 vehicles. They have been with Lak Jaya for 7 years and thank the Lak Jaya for giving financially helping them to succeed in their business.

Mrs. D.P.Roshani Jayasekara

Business: Handicrafts

My name is Dewatha Podige Roshani Jayasekara. My business is producing and selling handicrafts, mainly cane and reed based products of various types. I joined Lak Jaya loan scheme in 2015 and obtained Rs. 25,000/- as my first loan, which was used to improve my business. A second loan of Rs. 75,000/- obtained and this money too was used as working capital to increase the stock. In the process I hired an additional hand because the volume of business has been growing steadily. With graduation on loan scale through repeat loans, currently I have improved my position as a loyal customer of Lak Jaya and enjoy a loan facility of Rs. 500,000/-. I have plans to improve my business further with financial assistance from Lak Jaya, which, helped me throughout to solve my funding needs of my business on easy terms and conditions.

Mr. Ravinth Fernando & Ruvini Tharanga

Business: Wooden Mortar Producing

My wife Ruvini joined Lak Jaya in 2010 to obtain a loan from Lak Jaya for improvement of our business of producing wooden mortar, which is used as kitchen utility item. With the first loan of Rs. 25,000 we purchased the machine and other tools for increasing production. The production was carried out in our house. During that time we could produce only about 1500 pieces a month. Second and third loans of Rs. 45,000 and Rs. 65,000, we bought a small plot of land and constructed a workshop. Subsequent loans were used to add new machines and volume of production has now increased to about 8000 – 10000 pieces a month. With the completion of repayment current loan of Rs. 100,000, we expect to obtain a bigger loan of Rs. 500,000. At present we earn about Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 350,000 a month by sale of our products. The next loan will be used to expand the workshop and improve transport facilities by adding another three wheeler. We are grateful to Lak Jaya for their continued trust in us and assistance.

Mrs. K.G. Indrani

Business: Garment

My name is Kongahawatte Gedera Indrani, I am from Ambalantota in Galle district. I started my career as an employee of a garment factory in 2005. With the experience in the industry I decided to start my own business in 2011 with the small savings of Rs. 50,000 I had accumulated through my employment. Initially I started with one machine in one room of my house. As I needed additional money to improve my business, I joined Lak Jaya in 2011 and obtained a loan of Rs. 15,000. I used this money to buy raw materials. Upon successful repayment of the first loan, I obtained a second loan of Rs. 25,000, which was used for buying two additional machines by supplementing the loan money with my savings. My husband helped in selling the items such as shorts, cloth carpets produced by our business. As the place was not sufficient, with the third loan of Rs. 75,000, from Lak Jaya I constructed a new building to which the production unit was transferred. With the fourth loan of Rs. 100,000, 5 new machines and an embroidery machine was added for the production. A new product was introduced recently to produce T-shirts and for this purpose an overlock machine and 10 more sewing machines were added. Throughout the last 9 years nearly Rs. 1 million has been obtained from Lak Jaya. In the form of repeat loans. The secret of the success was the strict use of loan money only for the business and saving of income to meet the investment requirements. Currently the business is faced with the problem of inadequate space for further expansion, as there is stiff competition in the market.